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The Alliance Française: an organisation that will soon celebrate 150 years

The Alliance Française is a French organisation which aims to promote French language and culture. It was created on 21 July 1883 at the initiative of Paul Cambon, who served as private secretary to Jules Ferry, with support from a select committee of eight members: Philippe Berthelot, Jean Jules Jusserand, Ferdinand de Lesseps, Louis Pasteur, Ernest Renan, Jules Verne, Félix Charmetant and Armand Colin. Its headquarters were located at 215 Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, where the official founding meeting was held on 10 March 1884.

The Alliance was apolitical and secular.

Today, the Alliance Française network includes 1,037 centres in 136 countries on all continents, each devoted to putting on cultural activities and teaching French as a foreign language.

Every year, more than 500,000 people learn French at an Alliance Française centre, and more than 2 million people take part in the network’s cultural activities.

Alliance Française centres abroad are generally created thanks to local initiatives and are deeply integrated within their host countries. Governed by local law (they most often operate as not-for-profit organisations), they are independent of the Alliance Française in Paris, both statutorily and financially.

The Alliance Française centres share three key objectives:

– to offer French lessons in France and around the world;

– to promote French and French-speaking culture;

– to foster cultural diversity by showcasing all cultures.

They also share the same ‘AF’ brand, for which the Alliance Française Foundation acts as trustee.

Since 2007, the Alliance Française network has been coordinated by the Alliances Françaises of Paris Foundation.

The Alliance Française’s international activities are also supported by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. The French Ambassador to the Principality serves as Honorary President of the Alliance Française Monaco.

The Alliance Française Monaco: an organisation that will soon celebrate 100 years

In the Principality of Monaco, an Alliance Française Action Committee was established in 1926, from which the Alliance Française Monaco as we know it today emerged in 1980.

The Alliance Française Monaco belongs to a prestigious network of associations.

Every year, the Alliance Française Monaco organises French lessons aimed at non-French-speakers. Lessons are also provided on a charitable basis for people in need, including refugees welcomed by the Principality of Monaco.

The Alliance Française Monaco has built its reputation on high-quality teaching in a multicultural environment that promotes discussion, respect and friendship.



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